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Advertising & Promotional Marketing

Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise: print marketing is alive and well. Print captures people’s full attention because it engages more of the senses, making it more memorable and creating a deeper connection to your brand – especially when you optimize your designs with distinctive materials like synthetic paper or “print-fold-and-go” papers.

Advertising agencies enjoy great success when using the products below for direct-mail, brochures, door hangers, rack cards, table tents and hang tags.


  1. ULTRASEAL Z Fold 8.5" x 11" ULTRASEAL Z Fold 8.5" x 11"
    As low as $84.50
  2. REVLAR Soft REVLAR Soft synthetic paper
    As low as $133.60 Regular Price $167.00
  3. DIGIPOP Table Tent DIGIPOP Table Tent
  4. REVLAR Die-Cut Door Hangers 6 Up REVLAR Die-Cut Door Hangers 6 Up
  1. DURASEAL #9 Envelope DURASEAL #9 Envelope
    DURASEAL Envelope #9
    As low as $144.00
  2. REVLAR Die-Cut Hang Tags REVLAR Die-Cut Hang Tags