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Food & Beverage

In this ultra-competitive industry, the customer experience is everything. If you’re not giving much consideration to the paper you choose for menus, table tents, recipe cards and other important marketing materials, you may want to reconsider. It could mean the difference between a loyal, repeat customer and damaging online review. 

Restaurateurs, bar managers and hospitality professionals enjoy great success when using the products below for menus, signage, table tents, labels, tags, manuals and recipe cards.


  1. REVLAR Soft REVLAR Soft synthetic paper
    As low as $133.60 Regular Price $167.00
  2. DIGIPOP Table Tent DIGIPOP Table Tent
  1. REVLAR Die-Cut Rack Cards REVLAR Die-Cut Rack Cards
  2. TRIDURA Hybrid Paper TRIDURA Hybrid Paper
    As low as $49.60 Regular Price $62.00
  3. REVLAR Select REVLAR Select
    As low as $249.00
  4. REVLAR Premium Colors REVLAR Premium Colors
    REVLAR Colors
    As low as $216.00