3/30/20: RELYCO is open for business, servicing industries nationwide. As always, we have in stock checks, envelopes, tamper-evident pressure seal checks, REVLAR for washable and durable signage & manuals, multi-part carbonless forms, shipping labels and more. Have questions? Reach us at 800.777.7359 or info@relyco.com.

Government/ Military

Our government/military specialists can help you identify the right product for your budget or create a custom product to meet your unique specification. State and local governments count on RELYCO for the forms and equipment to process WIC payments, license/register drivers & vehicles and notify citizens of appointments. All branches of the military currently use our tear-proof paper for manuals, signs and other mission-critical documents. RELYCO is GSA & GPO qualified, GSA FSS Contract GS-02F-0158N, CAGE code: 3EK16.

Government/military specialists enjoy great success when using the products below for temporary license plates, permits, licenses, maps, manuals, confidential mailings & bills, signage and multi-part forms.


  1. REVLAR Nevada License Plate - Laser Printer Only REVLAR Nevada License Plate - Laser Printer Only

    As low as $59.00

  2. REVLAR Nevada License Plate - Inkjet Printer Only REVLAR Nevada License Plate - Inkjet Printer Only

    As low as $59.00

  3. REVLAR Premium REVLAR Premium
    REVLAR- Premium
    As low as $53.00
  4. REVLAR Select REVLAR Select
    As low as $249.00
  1. DURASEAL #9 Envelope DURASEAL #9 Envelope
    DURASEAL Envelope #9
    As low as $144.00
  2. REVLAR Premium Colors REVLAR Premium Colors
    REVLAR Colors
    As low as $216.00
    As low as $153.00