3/30/20: RELYCO is open for business, servicing industries nationwide. As always, we have in stock checks, envelopes, tamper-evident pressure seal checks, REVLAR for washable and durable signage & manuals, multi-part carbonless forms, shipping labels and more. Have questions? Reach us at 800.777.7359 or info@relyco.com.


The retail horticulture space is getting more competitive by the day. Consumers have more options than ever. You need solutions that help your products look good on the shelf, attract attention and remain looking good in an environment where weather, moisture and temperature are significant factors. Whether you are a printer or grower, wholesale or retail, greenhouse or nursery, we provide your business with substrates tailored to your need.

Enjoy success when using the products below for plant stakes, signage and plant tags.


  1. REVLAR Removable Label REVLAR Removable Label
    As low as $247.00
  2. REVLAR Soft REVLAR Soft
    As low as $167.00
  3. REVLAR Select REVLAR Select
    As low as $249.00
  4. REVLAR Premium Colors REVLAR Premium Colors
    REVLAR Colors
    As low as $216.00
  5. REVLAR Premium REVLAR Premium
    REVLAR- Premium
    As low as $53.00
  1. REVLAR Permanent Label with Film Liner REVLAR Permanent Label with Film Liner
    As low as $83.00
  2. REVLAR Die-Cut Hang Tags REVLAR Die-Cut Hang Tags