Printed Waterproof Menus

Printed Waterproof Menus

Do you already have a good-looking menu, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing it? Printing your own menus can be time-consuming, even if you aren’t using your own machine. Visiting a print shop still requires you to be away from your other important responsibilities.

To help save you time, Relyco offers a full service MenuPrint option. Simply select the size of your menu and upload your menu design, then you can sit back and relax. Relyco will ship your fully printed menus directly to your restaurant.

REVLAR Waterproof Menus are tear-proof, durable, washable, impervious to grease and chemicals, weatherproof and specifically designed to withstand high/low temperature fluctuations. These menus come in both rigid and soft polyester materials to align with your specific needs and budget. We also offer menus that have been FDA approved as a food contact substance (FCS).

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