REVLAR Premium Printed Menu: White 8.5"x11"

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REVLAR Premium Printed Menu: White 8.5"x11"

Price From: $147.00

Rigid polyester material 

Can be used safely around food; it is FDA compliant as a food contact substance (FCS)

Affordable, more aesthetically appealing and faster to produce than laminated materials

How To Use Relyco's MenuPrint Service:
•  Upload your menu file in a pdf format by using the button below (max file size: 18MB)
•  For full bleeds (color/image extends completely to edge of page), please make sure you have crop marks on your design and that the artwork extends past the crop marks
•  If your menu does not have full bleeds, please expect a white border (3/8" or .375") on all four sides
•  After attaching your file there is room for comments if necessary
•  For reference a 7.7 mil sheet is the equivalent of a thin cardstock, a 10.7mil is a true cardstock and a 13.7mil is a heavy cardstock

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REVLAR Waterproof Menus are durable, weatherproof, chemical-resistant, washable and tear-proof. They are made from the same synthetic material as our standard REVLAR waterproof paper. These menus are easily cleanable, which makes it possible to sanitize them. They are ideal for any environment where frequent/rough handling and wet conditions are common, such as restaurants, bars and hospitality establishments. Waterproof menus are designed to replace the tedious and costly process of laminating paper.

Click here to view our online waterproof menu guide.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Applications No
Style Sheet
Pre-Fold No
Size Letter (8.5 x 11)
Finish No
Free Ground Shipping No
Order Upload ? Yes

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