3/30/20: RELYCO is open for business, servicing industries nationwide. As always, we have in stock checks, envelopes, tamper-evident pressure seal checks, REVLAR for washable and durable signage & manuals, multi-part carbonless forms, shipping labels and more. Have questions? Reach us at 800.777.7359 or info@relyco.com.

New Products & 15% off REVLAR Soft

RELYCO is excited to launch a few new products from our METALLICS Specialty Paper called Ultragold & Ultrasilver. These metallic papers offer a luxurious shine for your next promotional piece, poster or packaging. If your printer supports white toner, we highly recommend that you use it on METALLICS. It will create an extra color punch. Click the products below for more details.

Have you heard of our durable synthetic paper line called REVLAR Soft?  REVLAR Soft takes all the attributes you have come to love about our traditional REVLAR line (waterproof, tear-proof & easy to print), while also being pliable and easy to fold. This new silky smooth material is great for menus, manuals, signage, tags and really any projects that need to be durable. Try it now by clicking below and using promo code TRYSOFT at checkout for 15% off.

  1. Ultragold - Paper Ultragold - Paper
  2. Ultrasilver - Paper Ultrasilver - Paper
  3. Ultragold - Cardstock Ultragold - Cardstock
  4. Ultrasilver - Cardstock Ultrasilver - Cardstock
  5. REVLAR Soft REVLAR Soft
    As low as $167.00